My most recent book projects include two full-length self-published personal memoirs that I ghostwrote. For these books I performed copious interviewing and research, as well as designing and paginating the entire books. I also served as sole researcher on two non-fiction books written by award-winning documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock based on two of his films, one of which I helped produce. (Intriguingly, regarding the Bin Laden film, the CIA revealed that a DVD copy of the film was found in the Abbottabad compound where He lived when He was killed.)

I was also a field and content producer on the documentary film What Would Jesus Buy? (also by Spurlock) about consumerism in America, as well as the nutritional health documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.

MEMOIR: Crazy Stories

Longtime Portland developer and public servant John Russell's life is laid out in this gorgeous book of short stories. Russell helped shape the Portland skyline, protect and restore some of the city's oldest historic buildings and served Portland and the State of Oregon for decades on government commissions ranging from planning to transportation to historical landmark preservation. He also found time to climb many of the world's tallest peaks, sail through hurricanes and paraglide across the French Alps! (Click for video)